Severina Kojić (born Vučković) was born on April 21st, 1972. in Split, where she had her first performance, as a ten years old girl, she discover the lights of the music stage, performing in the main role of the children's musical "Frane štrapalo", in the performance of the Split’s KUD “Mozaik”, which was led by Lepa Smoje, the wife of well-known writer Miljenko Smoje.

The first steps in the professional direction are marked by performances at the Split Festival, where it appears as the accompanying vocalist, and later at the Zagreb festival, which comes as the winner of the popular radio show "Demo X", which was dedicated to the young music hopes that come. By winning the demo x in the early 1990s, she was awarded with the producing of her first record called 'Severina'.

In July 1990, she performed at the Split Festival with a song "Vodi me na ples", and at the end of the year she won a first prize with a song "Sklopi oči muzika dok svira". In the same year she became the host of the "top cup" show on the HRT, which she led for a year and at the end of the year she went on her first tour to Australia.
Early in 1991, she met the composer Zrinko Tutić, with whom she recorded hers second album, “Severina”, in 1992. Two songs, „Tvoja prva djevojka“ and „Kad si sam“ are released from the album.

Dalmatinka, Trava zelena, Moja Stvar i Djevojka sa sela (1993 - 1999).

In 1993, she recorded her third studio album, "Dalmatinka", with which she became one of the then most prominent performers of the year. Two singles, "Dalmatinka" and "Paloma nera" were released from the album. That same year she went on her first tour around Croatia and Slovenia.

Two years after the album, “Dalmatinka” she released hers fourth album “Green grass”, which was singled out separately by the songs "Trava Zelena" and "Ti si srce moje", a duet with Žera. On this album, Severina was first signed as the author of three songs.

In 1996, she released hers fifth album, “Moja stvar”, under the Croatia Records label, where Severina, except the title song also write the lyrics of a few more songs. In addition to the title song, the song "Od rođendana do rođendana" was stand out from the album, written by Saša Lošić for her. The most successful was the next, sixth album “Djevojka sa sela” from 1998, and the same year the song " Djevojka sa sela " became the anthem of the Croatian national football team. At the end of the year, there is a split with a Zrinko Tutić and his production house "Tutico".

“Ja samo pjevam”, “Pogled ispod obrva” i “Karolina riječka” (1999 - 2004)

At the beginning of 1999, she went on a second tour around Australia and in July of the same year she performed at the “Melodije hrvatskog Jadrana” with the song "Da si moj”, composed by Djorđe Novković . That same year, seventh album “Ja samo pjevam” was released, which is at the top of all top charts and from which many songs stand out and some of them are „Ante“, „Ja samo pjevam“, „Daj da biram“...

In 2000th, she performed again on the "Melodije Hrvatskog Jadrana" with the song “Ajde, ajde, zlato moje", and at the end of the year she went on a third tour of Australia. The eighth album “Pogled ispod obrva” she released in 2001, where, along with Đorđe Novković, is the majority author. With the song "Virujen u te", she won the "Melodije Hrvatskog Jadrana” and the very same year she won the Grand prix and the album "Pogled ispod obrva" became the best-selling album in her career.

In December 2001, she start a grand tour of "Virujen u te", which began with a concert in Split, in a Gripe sporthall. It was continued in Sarajevo and Zagreb and other cities of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Macedonia. The recordings of the concert in Zagreb, held in the “Dom Sportova” at 13.12.2005. was released on DVD and cd "Virujen u te - Najbolje uživo!" under the Dallas Records label.

In 2002, she released a live album “Virujen u te” (Najbolje uživo!) under the "Dallas Records" label, which was later awarded with a Gold Record and the award for the best-selling live album. The record "Pogled ispod obrva " was nominated for the Album of the year, for the discography prize of the Porin festival and the song "Virujen u te" for the “Hit of the year” award. In the same year, she received the "Zlatna ptica" award for the most influential performer of the decade. In July 2003, she received an offer from Mani Gotovac for the role in the play "Karolina Riječka", where Severina turned out to be an excellent actress. Same year, she won the "Pink Award" in Serbia, where she also won the award for the best female artist and the best live album (Najbolje uživo!).

Severgreen, “Moja štikla” and “Zdravo Marijo” (2004. - 2011.)
The ninth album “Severgreen” is released in 2004, and the promotion of the album was performed at the Kerempuh theater. From the album, two singles were released, "Hrvatica" and "Adam i Seve". A year later, Severina accepted the role of Olja in the film "Ghosts of Sarajevo", which she shoot in Sarajevo with actors Enis Bešlagić and Davor Janjić and at the end of the same year, she performs in the play " Čekajući svog čovika ", directed for her by Jagoš Markovic.

At the beginning of 2006, she performs at the "Dora" festival, with the song "Moja štikla" where she wins with and comes to Eurosong in the Athens, where she wins the thirteenth place. The authors of the song are Boris Novkovic, Severina and Goran Bregović, with whom she starts working together for hers next album. In 2007, she was given the role of the Baroness Castelli in the drama "Gospoda Glembajevi". In the same year, she recorded the song "Gardelin" for the Slovenian movie "Pijetlov doručak".

In May 2008, in cooperation with Goran Bregović, she released the tenth album, "Zdravo Marijo" under the Dallas Records label. From the album, five singles has released „Gas, gas“, „Tridesete“, „Zdravo Marijo“, „Gade“ and „Haljinica boje lila“.
At the end of 2008, she went on to the great tour under the “Thirties” name, which included all the major cities through countries of the former Yugoslavia. After the tour, Severina release the second Live DVD, which was named "Tridesete uživo" and was the first live DVD in Blu-Ray technology. In the summer of 2009, she performs at the Split Festival with the song "Ko to pita", one of the last songs composed by Đorđe Novković. In the year 2010, DVD “Tridesete - uživo” from the concert in Belgrade was released. In the same year she performed at the Split Festival with the song "Nevira".