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The first Croatian zombie comedy about the future of Croats, Serbs and zombies. In the episode of Slovenes and Bosnians, a German doctor, Italian activist and American general.

#PosljednjiSrbinUHrvatskoj From 28.2. in cinemas across Mitteleurope and the hilly Balkans.








An original musical by Neno Ninčević and Goran Karan, directed by Nina Kleflin.
The concert promotion of the musical started at Split's Gripe sporthall on April 21, 2017, just on the birthday of Severina Kojić, the singer joked that her colleagues had arranged date, so she could take them later to birthday dinner.

Branko Paić, director of Scardona's record label production company, attended a promotion. There was also director Nina Kleflin, Mirella Meić, Zorica Bučić and opera singer Stefan Kokoškov, was also at the promotion and they will also be watched on the stage of the Split’s Gripe on April 21, and then on May 11 in Zagreb's Cibona Sport Hall. The promotion will continue in Ljubljana, and in the autumn, “Naša bila štorija” will be on the theater venue.


In the nomination for Oscar, for Best Foreign Language Film, Slovenia was represent by the film "Pijetlov doručak".

In this film, Croatian pop star Severina has a minor role in which she plays herself.
The jury decided between five domestic films.

The movie " Pijetlov doručak" directed by Marko Naberšnik, filmed according to the novel by the author Ferija Lainšček, won the most prizes at the Isola Film Festival, and according to the data of the distributor, was the most watched domestic film of all time.

To date, " Pijetlov doručak" has been seen by 183,000 viewers in Slovenia.

The director of " Glembajeva " theater play, where Severina plays significant role, is Branko Brezovec, known as an outstanding connoisseur of Krleža’s opus. According to the theater manager, Mani Gotovac, the Rijeka’s "Glembajevi" will be completely different from the previous performances. Otherwise, "Gospoda Glembajevi" should have been premiered on March 15 this year, but due to the illness of Galian Pahor, the entire project was postponed. The actor from Rijeka, according to his own words, feels excellent right now and ready to work.
Luka Benčić ...


Severina was great in the role of Baroness ...

ZAGREB - The director Jagoš Marković and the boys from the band told me that I was better tonight than yesterday, but it still seems to me that I was better yesterday.
“I admit, I was nervous until I went on the stage, and if the performance really succeeded, we will see it in the next few days", Severina said last night after the premiere of "Čekajući svog čovika" performance at the Kerempuh Theater.


Belgrade's director Jagoš Marković praised his main actor unselfishly. But, with most of the pride of her daughter Severina, her mom Ana was speaking, happy that everything went well in the end. Among the colleagues and friends who occupied the famous singer for more than an hour, there were numerous friends and associates of Severina: Tonci and Vjekoslava Huljić, Andrea Tikvić Čermak, manager Edwin Softić, writer Miljenko Jergović, opera singer Ronald Braus and many others. And to check how Severina gets on theater play, actors Predrag Vušović, Mladen Vasary, Boris Svrtan and Damir Markovina, came to check and congratulated, of course, also to her acting partner Davor Janjić.



In the Rijeka theater, there are a lot of musical rehearsals in progress. “Karolina Riječka”, in which popular Croatian singer Severina Vucković plays the main role. The play was made after the true event from 1813.

Severina has met the expectations of the audience ...